With Cisco video Collaboration solutions, your business will increase employee productivity and enhanced communication with partners and customers. Cisco simplifies the way you communicate and do business. In today’s Global economy it is important to have access to people and information. Cisco simplifies and makes it easier for you to achieve perfect communication at a lower cost with high quality standards.

Forbes Insights, in association with Cisco, explores how video collaboration con improve all aspects of doing business, and have come with 8 ways to build your business advantage using video Collaboration.

1. Reduce travel costs. With business videoconferencing that is reliable and easy to use, users can have face-to-face experiences and connect more frequently with remote colleagues and clients, without the need to incur travel expenses.

2. Enhance productivity. Video collaboration can wring out excess time in workflows. The ability to engage and interact in real time enables participants to solve problems or launch new programs on the spot, versus engaging in the back and forth of email or missed phone calls. A recent GigaOm Research report observes that 87%of remote users feel more connected to their team and process when using videoconferencing.

3. Enhance communications across the enterprise. Video collaboration helps business leaders and managers reach across units and departments to share their vision for their organizations, communicate new values or priorities, or provide reaffirmation and assurance in tough times. A survey by the Economist Intelligence Unit finds 75% of executives feel that in-person collaboration is critical to business success, affecting business outcomes more than other forms of communication.

4. Increase opportunities for innovation. Video collaboration also accelerates innovation and speed to market. The ability to shave time off communication, as well as to increase turnaround of workflow documents, can reduce product development time by 25%, or more than one day a week.

5. Open up new markets and opportunities. The Cisco survey found that 94% of organizations value video as a way to break down language barriers in an increasingly global marketplace. Video collaboration is also a tool that organizations are using to provide new service delivery models that offer strong customer engagement.

6. Enable knowledge management and training. An advantage of video collaboration is the ability to record and archive meetings, events or best practice sharing for review anytime. The recorded meetings or events can then be employed as training tools.

7. Supercharge customer service. Video can be a powerful tool for working with customers and more quickly meeting customers’ expectations. The ability to communicate with customers face-to-face around the globe offers connections that can’t be replicated.

8. Video-enabled sales processes, remote expert and funnel acceleration rates. In its study, Aberdeen observed a 9% sales cycle acceleration when subject matter experts are introduced early into the sales process via video. “Video-aided B2B sales people managed to move an average of 20% of their video collaboration contacts to a sales funnel where the average deal size was over half a million dollars,” Aberdeen’s survey of 380 enterprises found.

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