Acordis has partnered with F5 the multinational American company from Seattle. F5 specializes in Application Delivery Networking (ADN) technology which helps organizations scale cloud, data center and software-define networking developments to deliver applications to businesses of all sizes.

Acordis will be offering clients the F5 BIG-IP product line. The BIG-IP family of products offers the application intelligence network managers need to ensure applications are fast, secure and available. Some of the features businesses will get by using this line of products are:

  • Global Traffic Manager
  • Advanced Firewall Manager
  • Application Security Manager
  • Secure Web Gateway Servicesv
  • Signaling Delivery Controller
  • Carrier-Grade NAT
  • IP Intelligence Services
  • Local Traffic Manager
  • Access Policy Manager
  • Application Acceleration Manager
  • WebSafe
  • Policy Enforcement Manager
  • Link Controller
  • Enterprise Manager

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