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4 exciting product announcements from Secured.22 Conference

  • Zero Trust Access: Barracuda CloudGen Access now includes web security to protect users no matter where they work.
  • Email Protection: Now with Zero Trust Access, Barracuda Email Protection hardens the Microsoft 365 environment by continuously verifying and only allowing the right users to access the right resources.
  • XDR: With the new integrations between Barracuda XDR and Barracuda CloudGen Firewall, you can gain visibility and insights by offering 24×7 SOC services.
  • Data Protection: Barracuda Cloud-to-Cloud Backup is transactable in Azure Marketplace.

– Bill Fitzgerald, VP Channel Sales, Americas

Acordis Tech Show 2022

2022 Technology Show Flyer (8.5×11) by Marketing

Acordis International Corp & Miami Heat Annual Technology Show at 601 Biscayne Blvd. on August 30, 2022

Miami, FL – August 30, 2022 — Acordis International Corp & Miami Heat Technology Show on August 30th at 601 Biscayne at the FTX Arena, Miami.

Acordis International Corp, the Official IT Solutions Provider of the Miami Heat will be presenting its Annual Technology Show featuring and showcasing latest technologies from Cisco, Xerox, Samsung, HP, Barracuda, Smart Tech.

CIO’s, CTO’s, VP’s of Technology, Director of Technology and IT Managers, are invited via RSVP to join the 2015 Acordis Technology Show at the home of the Miami Heat, The American Airlines Arena. RSVP Today to get confirmation with instructions and complete schedule for the show.

Date: August 30, 2022
Location: FTX Arena – 601 Biscayne Blvd
Time: 10AM to 3PM (lunch will be served).
Who Should Attend: CIO’s, CTO’s, VP’s of Technology, Director of Technology and IT Managers.

Special Breakout Sessions to be announced.

Get your picture taken with the Championship Trophies and players! Lots of “Cool” Door Prizes to be given away – Samsung Galaxy Tablets, Apple iPads, Lenovo Yoga3 and much more!

Acordis International Corp. is a Florida-based Technology & Solutions company that dedicates itself to helping companies increase efficiencies and reduce costs by implementing technological solutions. Acordis is best known for its expertise, performance and knowledge in IT security, Document management solutions, Managed IT services, Data management, Storage management, Infrastructure management, Systems architecture, Cloud services, Virtualization, Multifunctional Copiers, Digital signage, and Collaboration solutions. For more information, please visit

Acordis International Corp partners with top technology brands such as Barracuda, Cisco, HP, HPE- Aruba, Juniper Direct, Palo Alto, Panasonic, Samsung, Samsung Mobile, SECNAP, Smart Tech, TSI Touch, Xerox, Verkada, and Zebra and many more. Acordis is the Official IT Solutions Provider of the Miami heat and Technology Partner of the Miami Dolphins and Inter Miami.

For more information visit




Johanna Novoa, Marketing Manager


Cisco announces first outdoor Wi-Fi 6E ready access point & more

Cisco announces first outdoor Wi-Fi 6E ready access point and enhancements for industrial remote operations

NEW: Reliable wireless connectivity

for any application, anywhere

Cisco expands its industrial networking portfolio with new and enhanced wireless technologies and tools for operations to connect, automate, and operate anywhere:

·         Cisco Catalyst IW9167: New high bandwidth, high reliability wireless solution that enables customers to improve operational efficiency with a single solution that offers two modes: Wi-Fi 6/6E or Cisco Ultra Reliable Wireless Backhaul.

·         IoT Operations Dashboard:  Enhanced capabilities for remote operations that enable secure and efficient deployment and management of your industrial network, and connected assets and applications.

Barracuda Cyber-Security Update on Microsoft Zero Day

June 6, 2022 –

“Zero-day” is a general phrase that is used to describe newly recognized security vulnerabilities that hackers can use to attack systems. The actual term “zero-day” indicates that the vendor or developer just recently learned of a weakness or flaw in the software and they have “zero days” to fix it.

About a month ago Microsoft’s security response center was notified of vulnerabilities in software that may be exploited via specific word documents. Microsoft then sent a protocol to manage the issue. However, it wasn’t until six days ago that this issue was in the spotlight when another security researcher finally spotted a malicious word document try to make an attempt to exploit the flaw.

How it Happened:

According to publication & Seasoned Technology reporter of 20 years, Jai Vijayan, The retrieved file in turn used the MS-MSDT URL protocol to load code for executing a PowerShell script. Beaumont discovered the document was executing code even with macros disabled. The security researcher found at least two other malicious Word documents in the wild attempting to exploit Follina going back to April.

Significantly, Beaumont and other researchers found that the attack technique allowed threat actors a way to bypass the “Protected View” mechanism in Office that alerts users about content downloaded from the Internet and requires an additional click from them to open. According to Malwarebytes, the warning can be bypassed simply by changing the document to a Rich Text Format (RTF) file. By doing so, code can run without the user even needed to open the document via the preview tab in Explorer, Malwarebytes said.

Read Complete Barracuda Advisory
cybersecurity update

What to do:

Observe unauthorized activity, updated applications as required and stay up to date with threat advisories.

Follow Microsoft Security Response Center’s reference to disable MSDT URL protocol.

Guidance for CVE-2022-30190 Microsoft Support Diagnostic Tool Vulnerability


The conflict between Russia and Ukraine has all eyes on Cybersecurity.  Traditional warfare is intertwined with cyberwarfare, and attacks have intensified.  Conflicts between nations that extend into the cyber world can affect everyone. In many cases, any previously unknown zero-day exploit arsenals are likely to be taken out of stock-pile during this conflict.

During our presentation, we addressed how the average commercial business can prepare and protect against the incoming cyber attacks.  We covered common questions, tips to defend and common pitfalls for IT teams.

Acordis Lunch and Learn

Tuesday, May 24th, 2022 at 10:45 AM ET

2785 N. Commerce Parkway, Miramar, FL 33025

Registration Required

The Acordis Technology Show is an annual event for Technology Executives and Business Owners in South Florida. We’re filling the room with top manufacturers, special guest speakers, delicious food and prizes and a special guest from the Miami HEAT. Begin 2022 with a head start on all your IT projects. Space is limited. Don’t miss out and RSVP today.