Increase productivity by delivering an anytime, anywhere work experience.

Business today can’t wait for people to get to the office and launch a full Windows desktop. Imagine how much more effective and productive people could be with a truly mobile, anywhere, anytime work experience. That’s the way people need to be able to work now, free from having to care about where they are, what device they’re using or how they’re connected.

A mobile work solution enables your business to:

  • Empower employee productivity with instant access to enterprise apps of all types, corporate data and personalized desktops from any device.
  • Deliver a high-performance experience on any network.
  • Secure enterprise content in the cloud and on the device
  • Streamline management and support of app, desktop and mobile infrastructure through a single, flexible solution

A new kind of workspace that follows people on-the-go

Dramatic shifts in work life pose new challenges for businesses. Consumerization has transformed the way people think about everything from the apps, devices and data they use to the times and places they work. Companies must adapt to these expectations quickly to recruit, retain and engage this modern workforce, and to empower them to do their best work. In a volatile business. A mobile workspace provides access to all the resources their work depends on, on any device and over any network, to achieve full productivity. These include applications, corporate data and collaboration tools.

A mobile workspace isn’t just mobile across locations; it also follows people from device to device, allowing them to shift seamlessly among the personal and corporate devices that best suit their needs. It also means the flexibility to provide services over any network and from any cloud.

Realizing the benefits of a mobile workspace in your organization

As mentioned before, a mobile workspace eliminates the constraints traditionally posed by factors such as location, device, application type and network to enable full productivity in any scenario. With this single solution, you can improve employee productivity and deliver a high-performance user experience.


Work is no longer a place people go—it’s something that people get done wherever, whenever and however best suits their needs. A mobile workspace is now a critical requirement for business, providing full access to apps, desktops, data and services that follows people across locations and devices for truly seamless productivity. A mobile workspace lets you meet the expectations and demands of your workforce for a mobile, flexible and high-performance experience while satisfying enterprise requirements for security and control.

Comprehensive technologies make it possible to deliver every element of business mobility, from apps and data to collaboration tools and network optimization, through a single, fully integrated solution.

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