Acordis hosted the VMware Lunch and learn at its offices on Thursday June 18th, 2015, for a very selected group of companies in the South Florida Area. The event focused on presenting the latest VMware technology to help companies manage their business and to run a simplified more efficient IT infrastructure.

The Lunch and Learn ran from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM and included the following topics:

VMware Updates

Review of VMware latest products including vSphere 6, vSAN and EUC.

Management Solutions

vRealize Suite and VMware Cloud Management Stack.

Q & A

By the end of the Lunch and Learn attendees had the opportunity to gather a lot of information about Mobility and Client Virtualization solutions to implement in their own companies and IT infrastructure. The outcome of the event was a complete success, and everybody who attended left with great new ideas and a lot of their questions answered.

This is one of a multiple Lunch and Learn series that Acordis is planning to do with the support of its partners to bring companies in South Florida closer to the technology needed to run a successful business in 2015 and the future.

Here are some photos during the presentation.


For more information on VMware products and how to manage your business with the latest technology, please contact us at 954-620-0072 or click here.