On Wednesday 11:30 am, Acordis hosted a group of South Florida companies to participate in a fact-filled seminar on how Barracuda Essentials is a fundamental security and storage solution created to protect the Office 365 environment.

The one hour lecture was full with detailed and crucial information on how Barracuda Essentials provides critical multi-layer security archiving, and backup for Office 365, as well as providing users with protection of their email, data and cloud infrastructure.

Seminar Topics

  • Protect against threats associated with web-based business email.
  • Adhere to compliance and retention guidelines if all emails are stored on a production server.
  • Protect against human caused data loss.


    After the seminar, all guest enjoyed lunch, and participate in the Q&A portion of the event. If you would like to learn more about Barracuda Essentials for Office 365 and how Acordis can help you set up a strong security solution for your IT infrastructure please click her.