Desktop virtualization is one of the most strategic IT initiatives organizations are designing and implementing today. It is imperative for helping your business stay ahead of the competition and keep pace with the demands of an increasingly global workforce. Desktop virtualization is not a one-size-fits-all technology; your users need the right type of virtual desktop based on their business needs.

The top 10 reasons to use XenApp are:

  1. 1. Lower Hardware requirements
  2. 2. Reduce Storage Costs
  3. 3. Simplified image management
  4. 4. Designing for the majority of users, not the minority
  5. 5. Delivering a Windows desktop experience even from a server operating system
  6. 6. Citrix license advantage
  7. 7. Leverage your existing XenApp knowledge and experience
  8. 8. HDX technology for exceptional user experience
  9. 9. Enhanced mobility with Citrix Receiver™
  10. 10. Citrix market leadership and innovation


XenApp hosted shared desktops represent just one of the desktop virtualization models Citrix offers via FlexCast technology. These include hosted VDI desktops with Citrix’s personal vDisk technology, Citrix XenClient for offline mobility and client-level virtualization, Citrix simple-to-use VDI-in-a Box appliance for small to medium business environments, Remote PC for converting local laptops to a teleworking solution and traditional application virtualization with XenApp. With these Citrix desktop virtualization solutions you can meet your organization’s desktop and application virtualization needs for today, tomorrow and beyond.

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