Things to Consider While Selecting the Best Digital Signage in South Florida

Digital signage brings life to your marketing campaigns and commercial environment by many folds. It is a way to catch the customer’s attention immediately, and if you choose it a little wisely, it can help maximize your company’s revenue to a greater extent! Various service providers can help you get effective digital signage in South Florida. But you also have to keep some things in consideration to get a fruitful result from digital signage.

Factors to consider while selecting a digital signage

What to Display

It is a vital decision to make. It would help if you considered your marketing agendas and current design trends, before finalizing what you want to display on your digital signage. The ideal way is to communicate with your team and decide how to use the digital signage in South Florida.

How to Present

You can present your content in multiple ways on digital signage. For example, you can opt for a single image with moving text, a short video, and there are many other options available. Depending on the context and location, the best way to decide on presentation is to invest in signage and test your options in various settings.

Cost and Quality

When you want to pick a premium quality, durable product, the cost should be your second priority. You should do a proper cost-benefit analysis and ensure that the product is worth the price you pay and that you will see a return on your investment. Try different service providers for digital signage in Fort Lauderdale and compare the prices to make the right choice.


Most signage set ups work with the help of the internet and some use storage devices to present. Make sure you take into consideration compatibility and how you will output your artwork on different operating systems and browsers. Ask the supplier about the same and ensure that it is compatible with the device and the browser you use.


Choosing dynamic content with attractively moving text and changing display can help drive brand awareness and boost feedback from prospects. It catches maximum user attention and increases the chances of finding potential customers through your digital signage in Fort Lauderdale.

These are the key factors that you should always consider before investing in digital signage. In addition, make sure you choose a reliable firm to make the purchase and make no compromise with the quality to ensure a fruitful return and durability of the product!

5 Things You Need to Know about VoIP Services

VoIP services are all about making calls over the internet using a reliable broadband network. Every organization, regardless of its size, can benefit equally from VoIP services. It is a safe, smooth, and cost-effective way to communicate without using the traditional phone call setup. Once you begin looking for VoIP phone providers in Florida, you will be overwhelmed with all the choices you get. But before you go ahead and start using it, be informed about its key features!

5 things about VoIP services you should know

Plan the Staffing

Before implementing this communication mode, you need to decide:

  • Who all are the staff members who will be using it
  • Who will be the in-charge of the stages involved in this move
  • How to train the entire staff about this new switch.


Sort all these things and plan a correct approach that you will follow for a successful implementation. Your staff may have a lot of queries regarding the same. Ensure that you solve all of them before looking for VoIP phone providers in Florida!

Network preparation

You need to ensure that your network can handle the specific requirements of VoIP services. Check if you need to upgrade your internet service provider or change to another broadband connection.

Cost Involved

It is a cost-effective mode, but you still have to pay for it. Hence, you should do a proper cost-benefit analysis and ensure that the cost involved in switching to VoIP services is well within your budget and also that it is yielding good returns.

Consider your business type.

Different businesses can benefit from this service differently. Moreover, its implementation also varies for varied industries. For example, a call center would need more handsets and a better broadband connection, whereas a financial company would not require it.

Check the Details

Do not make a choice impulsively. Check details like the security of the network and the downtime. Then, choose the VoIP phone providers in Florida that ensure the lowest downtime and commit to providing network security.

Sort all this information and use it as the guidelines to decide how you want to use the VoIP services in your organization. Once you are ready, the next step is to choose reliable VoIP phone providers and hire them for successful implementation!

All you need to know about Cisco Switch Virtualization

Switch virtualization is all about making virtual machine communication possible. With increasing digitalization and an increasing number of employees working from remote locations, virtual communication is the only way to run operations smoothly. Various third-party IT services in Miami are helping organizations set up a network.

One of the significant concerns in setting up this network between the virtual machines is safety. An organization traditionally takes care of the security features of in-house systems. As the trend of remote working increases, its vital to manage the security aspects of the offshore systems. That is where Cisco switch virtualization helps!

All about Cisco switch virtualization

Cisco came up with the best application solutions that make the network switch effective. In the current times, almost every organization relies on these applications to adapt to the new normal. Before you introduce the Cisco switch virtualization in your organization, here are few things that you must know:

  • You get Cisco web and network security applications along with the switch virtualization. It works as an added security cover, protecting your network from malware attacks.
  • You get access to all the features of the software to manage the operations better. Sitting at one location, you can manage all the systems, whether in-house or those working from a remote setting.
  • You can control who gets to access which part of the data and network. By controlling the accesses, you can protect your network and at the same time ensure that everyone working on a project gets a smooth communication path.
  • Cisco has a lot of training videos on their website, which you can use to manage the implementation process flawlessly. However, if you need expert training, you can also call their experts to help you with the same.


These are some things that you should be aware of before going for the Cisco switch virtualization. If all this seems a little confusing for you, call the IT services in Miami. These are the companies that help you with the installation and implementation process. Choose the company wisely and enjoy safer and efficient networks!

Planning Strategies, Data Security, and more IT Consulting Services

It is without a doubt that the pandemic has ushered in an era of urgency for businesses to innovate their IT workflows. If your company has experienced workflow, budget, technological pressure from this, keep reading.

The pandemic has affected every industry across the globe. Where various industries now face more technology and communication challenges the IT industry is also presented with an opportunity to optimize their IT workflows. Businesses across the board are quickly identifying their pain points and where they do not have the internal resources or time to find the best solution. This is where the IT industry has found its immunity during the pandemic, through consulting services. IT consulting firms have adapted to not only being the right hand of technology executives but also the right hand of entire IT departments. They focus on working closely with IT departments to solve their hardware, software, and network issues. The consulting firm helps to keep the organization afloat during an economic downfall by identifying the unique technological strategy that is needed to carry out optimal functioning.

With decreased budget, What’s at stake?

It is true that cost-cutting is one of the vital things that every organization does and should be doing during these times. Just like health insurance helps in cases of emergencies and regular check-ups – IT Consulting firms help companies that are experiencing crises to find quick effective solutions to network, hardware and software issues as well as everyday digital workflow nuances. Your organization can find itself falling short to maintain security or struggling to stay connected. This, coupled with managing employee productivity and burnout, is a challenge that calls for a variety of solutions. Hiring the best team for IT consulting is an investment that will help you come out of the adverse pandemic impacts, successfully.

What this means to you.

Read below the check points to take charge of your IT solutions journey.

Plan Strategies

Do you have an agile tech plan? If you had to think more than 5 seconds on the question, the answer is No. Does tech usage currently make or break your processes or revenue? If the answer is Yes, then you need a plan. Many businesses have transitioned to a flexible remote / work from home capabilities and executed a loose plan without considering certain factors (i.e. security, network, etc.). It is important to come up with a strategy on how to continue your companies’ day-to-day operations without compromising the integrity of your data during these times. The IT consulting firm you hire to help with these strategies will also help implement them to your unique needs.

Data Security

You’ve worked hard on building your business, network, and processes. Transitioning to a flexible work environment during these times poses serious questions. You may find yourself asking- “What threats can jeopardize my data?” or “how can I protect my data from threats?” There’s a saying “better the devil you know than the one you don’t”. Ensuring that your employees and data is secure can save your business peace of mind and thousands of dollars.

A good starting point is to decide what you need protected. The next key step is deciding what cybersecurity software works for your company. There are hundreds of cybersecurity solutions to choose from, to name a few McAfee, Palo Alto Networks, and CrowdStrike. Consult with a dedicated IT service team to come up with a plan. Then choose the right security software for your company. Whether you are a business owner or run an IT Department, choosing a team that has experience working with various industries and security software can allow you to choose the best possible solution where you can rest assured that your data is safe.

Manage Networks

When different members of your company work from varied locations the network must be efficient enough for productive results. The options to manage your business’ networks effectively and efficiently are endless. It is important to choose appropriate software and hardware that aligns with your productivity goals. Are your priorities ensuring firmwide physical connectivity, mobility and wireless or choosing a software to securely manage your internal network? You want to strive for zero downtime while integrating network settings and introducing new tools. Cisco Meraki network switches is one of most used and reliable tools for managed networks.

Financial Saving

Hiring a third party for IT consulting rather than giving the responsibility to your IT employees saves you time and money. You can save the expense that generally goes in managing the downtimes and your employees are also not overburdened.

Choosing the Right It Consulting Firm

Research all the options before hiring a third party. Check reviews, ratings, and reputation before hiring. A tell tale sign if a firm is reputable, is if the firm is also working with reputable brands.

If you need help planning your IT Strategy or finding a solution that is right for you contact us.

5 SMB Cybersecurity Tool Must-Haves

With businesses working remotely and hackers becoming more sophisticated, small and medium-sized businesses are under more pressure than ever to protect themselves from cyberattacks. Further, SMBs are often easier targets with fewer resources and less experience in cybersecurity, so the risks can be higher and the impact greater. As such, every SMB should equip itself with a few basic cyber-security must-haves.

1. Multi-Factor Authentication

With remote work and disparate networks on the rise, more devices than ever are connecting to company networks – and they’re easy targets for cybercriminals when they’re not properly secured. Multi-factor authentication (MFA) requires users to provide at least two pieces of information (such as a password and an identification number that’s sent via text message) to access accounts, systems or data on the network. It’s becoming the new gold standard for account and identity security in business, and it can be a simple and cost-effective way to drastically improve security.

Cisco Duo is a leading MFA provider for its balance of simplicity and high security. We’re offering a limited-time free trial – sign up here.

2. A Robust Collaboration Tool

SMBs need to be able to collaborate with their partners and vendors as needed – and as the workplace becomes hybrid-remote, collaboration needs to be able to happen just about anywhere. Look for a robust collaboration tool that rolls chat, video calls, file-sharing and other collaborative features into one robust platform, employees can work together from any device at any time.

Because the modern office requires robust information sharing through collaboration tools, SMBs need to make sure those tools are highly secure. Cisco Webex, a common collaboration choice among SMBs, offers end-to-end encryption with customizable settings to help businesses stay secure and compliant.

3. Intelligent Security

According to most hackers, traditional firewalls and antivirus security are irrelevant. SMBs need to level up their traditional security measures with a holistic and intelligent solution that can identify, block and mitigate threats in real-time. Cisco Umbrella tackles security at the DNS layer and analyzes activity based on real-time threat data from Cisco Talos, one of the world’s most sophisticated threat intelligence research labs.

4. Security Awareness Training for Employees

SMB employees need to be aware of risks so they can effectively identify and mitigate them. A security awareness training program that educates staff on cyber-risks is an effective way to protect company data from theft or loss. Ideally, security awareness training should include mobile-friendly videos, interactive quizzes, phishing tests and other engaging resources in an affordable package that provides measurable ROI.

5. An Integrated Security Platform

Siloed security solutions are only a step above having no security solution at all. While many SMBs have security tools in place, they’re often disjointed, which creates vulnerabilities that hackers can and will exploit.

Instead of relying on separate tools, each with its own interface, SMBs should look for a single, unified platform that consolidates their tools in one pane of glass. Cisco SecureX is a great example – it empowers IT teams to view all their tools and how they work together making it easier to catch anomalies and potential threats.

Work With an Expert

Acordis Technology & Solutions is an expert IT company that helps SMBs implement cybersecurity and data protection strategies. We’ve put together a quick assessment to help businesses identify where they stand in terms of network security – take the free assessment now!

Take the SMB Network Security Assessment to see how your network stacks up.




Why Digital Customer Experiences Are Critical for Small Businesses

The customer experience has long been classified as a tipping point between a good product or service and a great one. With so many options available to consumers, small businesses need to set themselves apart to build and maintain customer relationships. As we move further into the digital age, organizations that can pivot and expand on their traditional service channels to include digital options will be the most successful.

This has become increasingly apparent in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, a time where digital and e-commerce options were the only things keeping many organizations afloat while the world was shut down. As the world slowly transitions back to a more traditional state, one thing is for certain: the importance of the digital experience will remain.

What Constitutes a Good Digital Experience?

A digital experience is the sum of all the experiences consumers have when they interact with a brand across digital channels. What transcends a digital experience into greatness is transaction speed and frictionless movement among digital channels.

Technological advances like chatbots, email ticketing systems and automated attendants allow consumers to communicate with the brands they love in the method they prefer. Mobile apps are available for almost any service you can think of, from ticketing to mobile banking and even booking dinner reservations. The more diverse the channel offerings, the better.

The Importance of Secure Digital Experiences

While the primary focus of the digital customer experience has historically been on the purchasing process, it is quickly being integrated into the post-purchase experience as well. A perfect example of this is stadiums leveraging digital tickets instead of paper ones or cruise ships offering guests integrated bracelets that act as keys, identification, payment methods and other resources.

Each of these offers convenience and ease of use for consumers while also allowing organizations to capture critical metrics about their consumer base. However, while this information can provide helpful insights to businesses about their customer base, collecting and storing personally identifiable information (PII) comes with security and compliance responsibilities.

How to Keep Your Client Data Safe

Safeguarding PII begins with securing your network infrastructure. From the servers that store this information to the network that transmits it to the computers that access it, end-to-end security is critical to delivering safe and positive digital customer experiences.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has proposed a five-step plan to keep consumer PII safe:

  1. Take Inventory – Scan your network to determine every computer, server, or mobile device that houses PII. To compile this list, ask yourself:
    • Who sends PII to your company?
    • What kind of PII is collected?
    • At which network entry points is PII received?
    • Where is PII stored once it’s received?
    • Who within your organization has access to the PII stores?
  2. Scale Back – Reduce the number of devices that store PII and the entry points within your network for PII to be received. Additionally, implement a privileged access policy that only grants access to PII to those who need it.
  3. Lock It Down – Implement end-to-end encryption on all devices that house PII, as well as all networks that transmit it. Use security best practices on firewalls, enable multi-factor authentication for cloud-based apps that store PII, and deploy guest wireless networks to reduce the likelihood of a breach from outside the network.
  4. Only Keep What You Need – Implement a data retention policy that includes a section on purging PII after a certain amount of time. Don’t store aspects of PII that aren’t critical for your organization.
  5. Plan Ahead – Develop robust incident response and disaster recovery plans, so you’re prepared in the event of a cybersecurity attack. Provide PII protection training at regular intervals to all staff involved in the collection and management of this information to help keep PII best practices top of mind.

Are Your Digital Customer Experience Solutions Secure?

Partnering with a managed service provider like Acordis can help you expand on your digital consumer experience channels without compromising on security.

Take the SMB Network Security Assessment to see how your network stacks up.