Professional Services

Acordis is here to lend a helping hand

We understand that your company’s objectives are constantly evolving. Whether your business requires better collaboration efforts, reduced overall costs, streamlined communication methods, or a complete update of your infrastructure, Acordis is here to lend a helping hand. Our Professional Services team consists of project managers, solution architects, senior certified engineers, certified field engineers and senior management individuals who have earned the top certifications in the industry.


With a skillful team with varied talents, Acordis is able to offer top-notch design, implementation and integration of IT infrastructures and other services.

Our team of experts offer the following professional services

Hosted Exchange


Acordis offers the flexibility of hosted exchange and solutions that allows your organization or company to communicate more effectively. We provide you with support 24/7, with various e-mail, collaboration, other scheduling tools to help communicate with colleagues and clients. We help manage hosted exchange software you need to help your business thrive.

Infrastructure Design


Our team of IT design experts offer seamless and dynamic infrastructure design from start to finish. We design business networks that work to help ease the flow of communication while staying within budget. Our goal is to create a design that is user-friendly and provides solutions for all clients.



Acordis seeks to implement best strategies that work to identify individual business needs. Through brainstorming and real-life applications, we work to make sure that our professional services are beneficial and that they provide the right, successful integrated solutions.



We help provide training for the technology you’ve purchased and are with our clients from start to finish. You can feel confident of various phases from design to deployment of various applications and software that works for your business. We help with the installation, configuration, and training of various software and technology. Our IT team works to monitor and install or troubleshoot various technology while testing the proper resources across platforms.

Advisory and Consulting


As technology experts, we help you with a variety of needs to help you find a more suitable IT plan that reflects your business goals. We also provide consulting and advisory to help you meet both short and long-term goals. Overall, our goal is to help support innovative collaboration across platforms and increase productivity while providing exceptional customer experience to navigate the project with ease.

Optimized Solutions. Measurable Results.

Our goal is to offer optimized solutions with measurable results and a remarkable return on investment. We

welcome any opportunity to offer you a comprehensive assessment, followed by the design and the

integration of services provided by our experienced professional services team.

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