Managed IT Services in Miami & Fort Lauderdale

IT support has become a necessary service in almost all the businesses today. The technology that is cloud computing has changed the way business are run – it has birthed an extraordinary convenience, which ironically does not come without responsibility and risks. Acordis has made a place for itself in Miami and Fort Lauderdale when it comes to providing Managed IT Services and Solutions, digital signage, copier leases and related support through sheer quality in its work.

Acordis provides the following Managed

IT services for all businesses in Miami and Fort Lauderdale:

Data and IT Security

Cloud, Collaboration

Data Center

Disaster Recovery

With our managed services, we have always been proactive, working towards improving the IT framework of our clients to yield better and better results. The solutions we facilitate address all-around needs of an office workspace – right from virtual storage to printing. The quality of IT consulting and support you will experience from Acordis will leave a lasting impression in the form of fluid processes and optimization of resources and flawlessly managed services.

Choose Acordis for collaborative,

results-driven support

Our team provides Managed IT Services for your servers, data centers, network and workstations. Our support system program is fully staffed with proficient IT Professionals. At Acordis, we strive to deliver a comprehensive IT protection service as well as monitor crucial functioning of the servers, data centers, networks, and workstations.

Our main goal is to help your business reduce the overall cost of technology ownership along with cutting down any technical issues. With the help of our performance monitoring software, our experts can quickly detect any existing issues in your network or server and correct them before they can cause any permanent damage.

Acordis Plan Features

By having your IT services managed and regularly maintained, you can expect both smooth transitions and efficiency from your IT setup. Acordis provides IT solutions to cater to all the requirements your IT framework needs. This includes all of the following services:

24/7 Support service

Emergency services

and disaster recovery

Preserving checklist

and documentation

Regular maintenance

of all your computers

Networks, servers and

printer management

Data management

and security

Why Choose Acordis?

Due to government policies, regulations and other obligations, it is a corporate obligation to secure regulated data. In this contemporary era, it is essentially required to have a well-functioning inclusive security plan to safeguard your IT environment against threats. Acordis delivers a complete solution to fulfill your security requests.


Having properly managed IT infrastructure translates directly into efficiency and productivity in your business processes. You will be working with satisfied employees who are happy with the IT framework you have set in place for them. Acordis believes in making this dream possible for businesses throughout Miami and Fort Lauderdale by providing Managed IT Services and Solutions; targeted at driving positive and impactful business IT practices.

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