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We Provide VoIP Phone Systems throuhgout Miami, Florida and help businesses stay connected.

Even if your system is down due to a minor disaster or equipment failure, your business will suffer minimum communication interruptions, so customers can reach you anytime, and anywhere on any device.

Cisco® Unified Solutions give your business the edge for a higher level of communication and collaboration. Connect to the right people at the right time to accelerate performance, maximize your business results and improve the overall experience of communication.

Cisco Unified Communication takes your company to a higher level of efficiency and business capacity while cutting costs. Innovate the way of doing business, enjoy superior scalability and simplified management of your overall network.

Featured Products

Cisco Business Edition 7000 Series


With Cisco BE7000 Business Edition you can try a group of collaboration technologies with a subset of employees and then scale up quickly. Pay as you grow, rather than making a large initial outlay.


Cisco Webex


Cisco Webex Devices help your team communicate distinctly and create together in real time. They are designed for better team collaboration. Cisco Webex Devices give you the best possible meeting and team collaboration experiences.

Cisco Jabber


Jabber gives your teams the ability to be more productive and communicate with each other from anywhere, on any device. Teams will have access to instant messaging (IM), video, voice, voice messaging, desktop sharing, and conferencing.

Cisco Business Edition 8000 Series


Cisco Business Edition 8000 devices are enhanced cloud systems. These systems offer high performance that is scaled to meet the business speed required by critical infrastructures. They provide the innovative density and massive scale, building a new network foundation for the next decade.

Cisco Unified Communications Manager


As the core of the Cisco Collaboration infrastructure, the Cisco Unified Communication Manager (CallManager) is not only in charge of delivering the right information to the right endpoint, but also provides services such as session management, voice, video, messaging, mobility, and web conferencing.

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